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Men Cave TV PDF Print E-mail

Subliminal Artist is gekozen om samen te werken met That's Magic aan de nieuwe internet webshow genaamd, "Men Cave".

Men Cave is een webshow voor mannen met humor, in deze formule wordt door presentator Maurice Meijer (That's Magic) een aantal YouTube filmpjes gepresenteerd die bij een bepaald onderwerp hoort. Een onderwerp dat met name mannen erg aanspreekt, zoals: Poep, Barbeque, Vreemde dieren, Seksistische Liedjes etc.

De Subliminal Artist, zorgt voor de opnames, editing en visual effects en is hier en daar te zien in een sketchje en geeft hier en daar wat ideeen.

Hier Teaser #1, het geen een reactie is op de Eurovisie song finaliste (Conchita) haar statement door haar baard te laten staan:


Teaser 6 een item genaamd Bad Puns waarin we in dit geval de jaren 80 klassieker Taxi Driver op de hak nemen, met typische Monty Python/Southpark humor.

Vintage is In PDF Print E-mail

Relicing props is probably something that started as early as when first plays in ancient Greece were performed. In World War II relicing became a means of survival. A British spy could not be seen with prestine German papers and uniform, as that would arouse suspicion. So subtle ways of aging (so called wear) was developed. We researched these techniques and apply them to your close up props. But also massive wear to portray the age on stage or film, without looling fake! Is what we can do.

Our own reliced props

Props that look new do not have that same vibe as props that are perhaps 20, 50 or even 100 years old!
Especially in bizarre magic where the age of the prop draws people in more. However in the music scene old looking instruments are a rage these days!

Since we build and maintain props we can also age them for you or make them look: "vintage", "road worn" or "dusty".

Whether it's a $3000 guitar or a $3 photo we make it look like it was from yesteryear going with what you're looking for.

Add that little extra convincer to your, play, performance and/or film.

Close-up with the 40s and 50s

Besides relicing guitars we also modify (bass)guitar electronics on demand. Do you want new pickups, pots, filters in your guitar? No problem!
A Vintage sounds is just as important as a vintage look.

(Custom) Effects PDF Print E-mail

We also create custom (electronic) methods-, tools- and effects for the stage performer.

For example:

  • Spirit telegraphs for bizarre magicians.
  • Wireless visual cueing devices to communicate information to magicians or musicians.
  • Aging of props
  • Light and Sound controlling systems that is easy to use for any performer.
  • Thinking up methods to make the effect happen that you as a performer-, director- or producer has in mind.
Our speciality is creating, wireless- and/or computer based solutions for the modern day stage performer. Our wide knowledge and experience in both IT/Electronics and stage art will assure that you get the best solution you need. We have created methods for some of The Next Uri Geller performers which were the pinacle of a demonstration.
Some effects are so unique or costly that a performer or production company, who needs to use it only once, simply cannot afford. Or more often than not when dealing in the magic-realm cannot find it on the market.
  • Therefore we hire out effects/methods
The effects we deal in ourselves are mainly in the mental-magic and bizarre magic area (ghosts, victorian magic) because that's what we are most experience in ourselves. But through our network we are very well capable of liaising with other performers as well and get those things you need for your show.

Script writing PDF Print E-mail
Just being a good actor, magician, mentalist, fakir or hypnotist is no longer enough and you know that! Your act needs and deserves to have a solid character and storyline behind it. A good storyline and buildup intrigues the audience whizzing them away from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
For most Mystery Performers writing and scripting is a long way out of their comfort zone and combining audience psychology/perception, logic, buildup and testable facts is after all not always easy.
Therefore we also offer to you the following services to help you get a well written show:
  • Creating routines
  • Scripting routines
  • Scripting shows
  • Character creation
  • Hypnotic Stories
  • Sparring partner
Raymond has experience in creating routines, scripts, shows and characters for both: Stage and TV.
He had considerable creative influence at some of the contestants of: De Nieuwe Uri Geller (Dutch version of Phenomenon).
He has created Michel Keck's Parapsychological Detective character plus all his routines, unique methods and scripts.
For "Vincent de Vampier" he designed the method for one of his acts.
He consulted Deborah Burgersdijk in season 3 of The Next Uri Geller and her TV appearance in Holland's Got Talent.
On a regular basis he works as a sparring partner for other performers and TV production companies.
We both provide fixed project rates and hourly rates. That way you can manage the investment more easily. Please contact us now to get your creative juices flowing and develop a production to be proud of.
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