Hypnosis Based Pain Relief PDF Print E-mail

This clip I will instill a form of anesthesia called "analgesia" simply by using suggestion and disassociation. Suggestion or Hypnosis based pain relief is a great initial alternative to NSAID based painkillers.

This video is in Dutch, English subtitles are available.

Precautions were taken to avoid infection of any sorts please don't try this at home.

Hypnosis Without Trance PDF Print E-mail

A demonstration of Waking Hypnosis, also called Hypnosis Without Trance. This clips been taken during one of my stage hypnosis training courses.

This person's thought patterns are led whilst being perfectly consciousness without any formal induction. I lead his thought patterns into evoking catalepsy and temporary amnesia. This person's innate consistency pattern is evoked by making him verbally respond to any changes gradually and in doing so he creates his own new reality that of catalepsy and temporary name amnesia.

I've incorporated some techniques from a fellow hypnotist and acquaintance James Tripp.

Indirect suggestion to place coins in designated spots PDF Print E-mail

After a corporate show I've done some more demonstrations with some of the people in a one on one setting.

In this demonstration I use what's called: "Indirect Suggestion" to persuade the woman to place down the coins in the pattern of the olympic rings. At this stage I was not sure whether this would work on her because in a prior demonstration she missed my suggestion or chose to ignore it.

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