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Reviews - Impromptu Performances PDF Print E-mail

I had known Raymond as a colleague for almost 4 months and he'd never mentioned before that he was a hypnotist or mentalist. When I finally googled his name I saw him count the number of face up cards in maybe two seconds on YouTube.

Initially I thought it was a trick so I tested him with estimating the number of lines written on a flip-over. He almost instantly said: "24 or 25". I counted them and it was 25!

During a dinner he influenced my choices several times. Then he went to predict the outcome of a game of tic-tac-toe! That was when he fried my mind! Especially because he did it in mirror image and he reminded me that he'd said a few minutes earlier give me your right hand... owe no sorry our left hand, it's in mirror image of course!

He also taught me to read his mind! Or as he calls it: guess someone's thoughts. Slowly but surely the word road came to mind.

All I can say is: "He's not only a computer programmer but also a people programmer."

H.J -- Pune India



Raymond performed a wonderful show in our company. Afterwards he took the time to answer all the questions that arose during his mind boggling experiments.

He then went to demonstrate some of the things in person, which was really thrilling. He's so different when he's performing in front of group than when he's performing in person!

The amount of personal information that he can get from my mentally created picture is just freaky!

T.S. -- PA USA



Seeing Raymond, perform on stage is wonderful. On stage he's funny, a bit mad, sarcastic and not too serious about himself. But as soon as you are alone with him and you finally persuade him to do some stuff in person than he's suddenly very solemn nonetheless he still knocks your socks off!

R.L -- Utrecht NL



At some point he asked me to say a random number. There was only one number I could think of and I said that number and he said: "Did you recall me opening my wallet briefly and seeing the 50 euro note?" -- he got his wallet out and there was the 50 euro note. The only digits of the serial number that were visible were those 5 digits I'd just said. It freaked me out! He's a real mind wizard!

R.A -- Amsterdam NL



He predicted my tic-tac-toe outcome.

He made me stop at a predetermined card.

He could explain so much details about my life just by looking at me drawing.

He made me describe a face and when I saw the picture I freaked out because that was the face I'd constructed.

He remembered 20 items and he could recall the item or the number, that was very amazing!

J.S -- Amsterdam NL


Reviews - A Journey Through History PDF Print E-mail


  • "This story was so compelling and emotional and then thinking about it that it all is real makes you think. I was amazed that a girl form the audience described the man in the picture so accurately without having seen the picture ever before! That was actually rather eerie. The girl on stage was also in complete awe. When I was asked to name the man's name and it was written on an old letter send by that man, I was ready to leave the building screaming! Brilliant show and I have a new found respect for the people who fought for our freedom!"
  • "As a former soldier and a child living in the war, I was happy to see that the 3 members from the audience derived to the year 1944. Many young people these days don't know what incredible cost other people paid for this freedom. The story was very touching all the effects really took me in. I still don't understand how he makes people see or predict things that happened. I am sure it's real because my granddaughter got to choose a random number which matched the soldier's devision he was in."
  • "Such a compelling story containing all the historical facts. I can see why this show is so popular for schools around Liberation day."


Reviews - Keys To Your Subconscious PDF Print E-mail


  • "I'd seen this on TV but always had my doubts but now I've seen it with my own two eyes this guy is brilliant! I can't wait to see him again he's funny but at the same time he blows your mind. He's almost as good as Derren Brown!"
  • "He says he has on psychic powers but then I don't understand how he knew which patient in the mental asylum the woman had chosen, sure somethings were a bit of but the rest was eerily spot on!"
  • "The guy is charismatic he knows how to make a joke but he also is very approachable unlike some mentalist/mind readers. The show was astonishing and I recommend it to any one."
  • "We've seen this show twice once was during a wedding and the second time a public appearance, he's really good! And we don't know how he does some of the things."
  • "I had a lump in my throat when he talked about the mental asylum having been there myself, it was good he told people that depression is the most common illness at least I hope people will not look weird it me no more."
  • "Am I that predictable or easy to read? He first knew I was telling the truth he than guessed 4 times in which hand I held the object."
  • "I never knew psychology could be that much fun!"
  • "I was so afraid that I would stop at the wrong number and I even changed my mind 3 times only to stop at the first number that came to mind and it was correct! WEIRD!...."
  • "He truly made our wedding day that was already magical, even more magical, seeing one of our guests in hypnosis, getting detailed personal readings of our guests and knowing what they drew was just amazing! Just amazing!"