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Producent van Men Cave

Subliminal Artist is door "That's Magic" gekozen als de producent voor de webshow: "Men Cave TV", subliminal artist zorgt voor de gehele productie m.u.v. het meer en deel van de teksten en ideeen die door That's Magic worden bedacht.

Video marketing
Your Company/Product or Service is unique that's why you created it in the first place. So be sure to bring it to view in a unique way, to make it stand-out from all those other company and product videos out there. Most companies don't have budgets to create a TV like commercial but with us you don't need to. We create TV show quality visuals with your web marketing budget. We can write/direct/produce a great campaign or you, or we can just produce it and follow your marketing people's ideas. What makes us unique from most other video production companies is, that we are alround we even have experience with making our own digital set extensions, 3D composits all on a small budget.
Make your company/product standout with a funny video short film (it's proven that comedy sells more).

A film made for the Battle of Britain memorial foundation (non-profit), the idea was to create a WWII early color film and handheld feel but also at the same time subdued and keeping it in the 21st century.

Battle of Britain Memorial from Ray Doetjes on Vimeo.

My short film called the Dungeness the Circle of Life an expose on this unique place and how the old and dying reside next to the new and living a movie about contrasts.

Dungeness, KENT UK from Ray Doetjes on Vimeo.

Special effects (effects shot in camera as for example a bullet wound) and visual effects (3D and 2D elements) are not the realm for feature films anymore. Ironically they are not often utilized in product- or corporate videos where they could add an extra dimension. For example when you are a technology company on the bleeding edge of technology why don't you have your spokes person appear as a holographic image from an iPad or a phone.
Have your product being materialized in front of the camera. Reveal your product or company in a virtual environment, for example when our product is "out of this world" why not present it from the moon or an alien planet.
We do basic matte paintings for backgrounds/set extensions, 3D composites and basic 3D modelling for extended modelling we hire specialists but usually models can be purchased cheaply and we can use them or we utilize 3D projection.
Green screens, No problem! we have done it all, even the worst key screen footage we have utilized.

Here are a few examples of The Subliminal Artist in music productions that show off the variety of techniques and virtual 2D, 3D and green screen footage.

Examples of: 3D modelling, 2D matte painting/2D matte extension, projection mapping and compositing (produced in about 36 hours including recording music)


If we do something new we start by making a rough proof of concept that visualizes the general idea to a customer so that we are all on the same page and we don't waste time and money. Like this video here.

This is a proof of concept/demonstration shot for customer who is a magician, for his show's introduction video. The question was if it was possible to make a lot of sponge balls roll down the stairs of building. Since spongeballs are relatively expensive and you never go through 1000 sponge over the cause of your career it made sense to make then 3D.
We liked the idea and the challenge so we were pretty confident we could pull that off so this was the proof of concept for his corporate video.

Live registration
As a performer I know that live registrations could be very expensive and to be made to look good especially when you require a lot of coverage and perfect sound. We cover up to 5 angles with ease, we record your show and edit it for a very reasonable fixed price. We can even bring our portable light setup for added production values for a tiny fee.

Camera, Jibs, Glidecams, Sound, Perhipherals and Lights rental

We have a wide selection of movie making tools for your production ranging from dSLR- and Video cameras, jibs to green screens that we rent out, contact us for more information.
We produce mainly using Canon dSLRs and BlackMagic Camera's for short films, music videos and commercials that way we have that trademark shallow depth of field and lovely 24 frames per second cinematographic feel we all like. For live registrations we rely on video cameras, for their less hands-on approach and long recording times.