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A wonderful show, that comprises: Psychology, Hypnosis, Suggestion, Misdirection and Science to entertain an audience. Will provide 1.5 hours of amasement in which the artist will demonstrate how easy it is to influence people either consciously and especially subconcsiously.

The artist will influence people's choice or predict a person's behaviour and so seemingly predict the future. Based up on a drawing made by audience members he can describe deep personality trades and seemingly read people's thoughts.

These are some of the experiments that will be done:

  • Lie detection. Micro language and inconsistency response.
  • Personality assessment based on spectator's drawing. Psychological personality assessment.
  • Which Hand. Pattern recognition and influence,
  • Spectator will Travel in a hypnotic trance and makes a prediction of themselves. Hypnosis with subliminal suggestion.
  • Chairs prediction. Demonstration of suggestion and personality assessment.


The message of this show is, that there are no paranormal abilities. Even though during the show it will seem as if the artist has special powers, howewer all that you will experience are based on psychological techniques.

This show is highly interactive and thus a very unique experience to the audience. Especially since some will also do things that seem paranormal.

The show is filled with comedy and suited for 12 years and older.

This show can be booked in combination with the show: "Travel to Hollywood" 3 hours of top-notch entertainment and you will only pay 20% of the price of this second show.