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The human mind is a marvelous piece of engineering. It becomes even more so when you know how it works and what you can achieve in life when you set your mind to something.

Therefore the skills that Raymond, uses in his daily life and demonstrates in his wonderful shows he likes to share with you too. Most hypnosis related trainings are done from a pseudo-scientific point of view, something that annoys Raymond. He's totally honest of what hypnosis is and what the driving forces are that way you can only become a truly skilled hypnotist or communicator.

Unlike many trainings nothing is hidden from the students, everything is disclosed! And because these training sessions are highly interactive it means that questions can be asked that are not necessarily answered in the curriculum.

Because of Raymond's insights in psychology, he will also explain how certain things work on a cognitive level. He will not merely instill knowledge without teaching what it truly does, this way you only get the best results out of your NLP/Hypnosis/Communication skills.