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This hypnosis show is family friendly, no dirty skits but just straight forward fun. The volunteers that will be hypotized will make their way into famous movies, series and other TV related skits.

Therefore You will get to see for example:Going in Trance Now!

  • Rocky Balboa
  • The Fast and The Furious/Dukes of Hazard
  • Familie von Trapp from The Sound of Music
  • Skippy
  • Indiana Jones
  • Super heroes and others.

This show is highly interactive with the audience and therefore more interesting than competing products. Also the show keeps going and going with a minimal of dead time suggesting the next skit.

Guaranteed a fun show which last 1.5 hours in total!

Indiana Jones Attacked by ZulusThis show can be booked in combination with the show: "Keys to the Subconscious" 3 hours of top-notch entertainment and you will only pay 20% of the price of this second show.

Note: No footage from private shows will be published/used at all time! Footage from public shows can be used with the consent of the hypnotic volunteers.