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The Subliminal Artist
Demonstration Piece for EU war series PDF Afdrukken E-mailadres
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There's currently a WWII based series in pre-production co-produced by a great number of European countries.
The are looking for digital matte painters and Subliminal Artist productions also decided to send in our portfolio piece. From all these entries a dozen are so studios are chosen to send in their bid.

This is the result.














The task was to use the picture below and to create a WWII scene that tells a story. This is a pretty liberal task and hence complex. Usually the art director tells you what they want, now the matte painter needs to be an art-director as well. My guess is that because this is for a series that funds and time are small that the digital artists need to also be proactive in art-direction.

I started by examining the photo we were given. I noticed that the source image is the German Embassy in Saint Petersburgh Russia, which in WWII was called Stalingrad. This is where the German offense for "Lebensraum" into the "Ost-front" was stopped by poorly trained but very brave Russian Army men but also civilian men and women who fought with whatever they could find.
So this building is an German officers, mess that has been under attack by Russian freedom fighters. Some of which were captured and hung on the gallows (on the right) as a deterrence. But the Russians kept coming so the mess is heavily defended by a Tiger tank and road blocks. We are on the brink of winter where the situation for the Germans got far far worse.

Well we've done out part, now just sit and wait if we are awarded a bid.

This was the image send as a source, given to the people to make a WWII digital matte painting scene in 24 hours that tells a story.

VFX shot gegunt voor Amerikaanse Short Film PDF Afdrukken E-mailadres

Subliminal Artist heeft een VFX shot gescored voor een Amerikaanse onafhankelijke Doomsday horror short.
Deze productie wordt geregiseerd door de getalenteerde schrijver en filmmaker in het horror genre, Mike Lombardo.
Op dit moment kunnen wij niet meer informatie verstrekken.

Recensies - Toneel Hypnose Training PDF Afdrukken E-mailadres


  • "De toneel hypnose training van Raymond is geweldig. I heb echt genoten hoe de dag verliep. Alles was professioneel in opzet, de locatie, de hapjes en drankjes, presentatie en demonstraties alles tot in perfectie. Ik heb een boel geleerd en waarschijnlijk kom ik nog eens terug omdat het een hele leuke dag was."
  • "Wow dat was intens! Ik heb 3 verschillende mensen gehypnotiseerd en ik ben zelf door Raymond supersnel in trance gebracht."
  • "Ik vond de lesstof leuk en hoe je de dag bracht is mij goed bevallen."
  • "Ik was zelf vebaasd! De cursus van jou was het zetje dat ik nodig had omdat extra beetje zelfvertrouwen te kweken en efficïent te doen."
  • "Raymond is een goede leraar in 7 uur alles leren en nog kunnen oefenen ook! Was GAAF!"
  • "Je brengt de cursus erg leuk en ik heb zoveel geleerd!"