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The Subliminal Artist
November 23rd Stage Hypnosis Course PDF Print E-mail

On Saturday November 23rd we will present another Stage Hypnosis Training course.


't Veerhuis
Nijemonde 4
3434 AZ Nieuwegein

Start time and end time:

09:30 - 17:00

A simple lunch, coffee, tea and refreshments will be provided.


Send an email stating your full name, address and whether you are a student or not to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it then you will be send all the details and the invoice, payable before the actual course date.

Be sure to book now because the spaces will fill up quickly.

Introduction PDF Print E-mail

The Subliminal Artist is a Mentalist annex Psychological Entertainer and Hypnotist, he was formerly known as The HypnoMentalist. He provides great entertaining: shows-, lectures- and trainings- on persuasion, influence, psychology, hypnosis and the so called paranormal.

The shows and lectures that he, Raymond Doetjes, presents are all highly entertaining, astonishing and often with a wink to the paranormal. In his shows you will see stunning feats of influence and manipulation up to the extend that it may seem as if he himself has psychic abilities. You'll see him unmask liars, hypnotize people in a blink or supposedly read minds or predict the future; However as a down to earth skeptic he himself says:

  • "The future can't be predicted but mankind can be."
  • "Minds can't be read but bodies can be."
  • "I don't believe in Char...latans".
  • "The best suggestion is the one you are not aware of."
  • "I am a Mentalist but I don't like that word."
  • "There are three things in this world that I am in love with: playing music, acting onstage and technology. In this art form all of them come together."
  • "What you perceive is not necessarily what has transpired."
  • "Lack of confidence is a myth, because there's no such thing as confidence."

Raymond combines his in depth knowledge and experience of: psychology, suggestion, misdirection and hypnosis to bewilder the senses and demonstrate how we are all being manipulated each and every single day -- whether it's during your shopping trip, watching TV or at work, subliminal persuasion is around us all the time.

Not only does Raymond perform his skills he also teaches their core-techniques: hypnosis, body-language, influence/persuasion and suggestion. This way you too can become a seasoned communicator and manipulator. It's a great asset in everyday live to learn to communicate on a deeper level! It makes live easier and you almost always will find some leverage in any discussion.

He also coaches/consults other performers and Mentalists for their TV- and Stage work. He has trained and devised the demonstrations for: Michel Keck (The Next Uri Geller 2009), a single effect for Vincent de Vampier and Victor (Next Uri Geller). Plus Deborah (Holland's first female psychological entertainer in Holland's Got Talent). He also consults production companies like: BNN, EyeWorks and De Haaien on psychological- and hypnotic related entertainment.

He devised a wonderful combination of the most effective elements from hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and some Gestalt Therapy called: HypnoCognitive Therapy. The combination of the best elements of these therapies provides you with a wide range of tools for you therapeutic purposes. It's the same as in his shows, it's the mix that makes it work, much like any good cocktail. This unique blend is also taught to other (new) therapists.

Reviews - A Journey Through History PDF Print E-mail


  • "This story was so compelling and emotional and then thinking about it that it all is real makes you think. I was amazed that a girl form the audience described the man in the picture so accurately without having seen the picture ever before! That was actually rather eerie. The girl on stage was also in complete awe. When I was asked to name the man's name and it was written on an old letter send by that man, I was ready to leave the building screaming! Brilliant show and I have a new found respect for the people who fought for our freedom!"
  • "As a former soldier and a child living in the war, I was happy to see that the 3 members from the audience derived to the year 1944. Many young people these days don't know what incredible cost other people paid for this freedom. The story was very touching all the effects really took me in. I still don't understand how he makes people see or predict things that happened. I am sure it's real because my granddaughter got to choose a random number which matched the soldier's devision he was in."
  • "Such a compelling story containing all the historical facts. I can see why this show is so popular for schools around Liberation day."


Reviews - Stage Hypnosis Training PDF Print E-mail


  • "The stage hypnosis training of Raymond is superb. I really enjoyed how the day went. Everything was setup very professionally, the location, the food and beverage, slide show and demonstration were all done to perfection. I learned a lot and probably come back again simply because it was a great day!"
  • "I liked the syllabes and I also loved how you presented the day."
  • "I was amazed! This was that little push I needed to start doing stage hypnosis shows for myself and to instill that extra bit of confidence."
  • "Raymond is a very good teacher to be able to teach all this in 7 hours and get to practice it all, is just great!"
  • "You present the course very nicely and I 've learned a lot."